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About Pink Vine Presents

pink vine presents is a north Brisbane-based online and pop-up stall business.  We offer natural remedies and simple solutions for your everyday pain challenges and anxiety needs.  Online and local pickup available 7 days.  DM, text, email or call to arrange.

 Hugely passionate about customised service for your self-care needs and finding a balance between eastern and western healing practices that align with good health and an abundant, sustainable environment.  Operating from several locations, click here to see where we are next…

Affordable easy access 100% THC free remedies


Those familiar with Cannology Cannamax Plus and Cannamax Plus with Hemp seed oil are aware of the natural remedies’ effects on inflammation-related chronic pain, anxiety, and sleeping problems.

Unlike CBD oil, which is a cannabinoid, our Beta-Caryophyllene hemp oil (BCP oil for short) is a legal 100% THC-free terpene found in common garden plants like black pepper and rosemary.

Classed by the Therapeutical Goods Association of Australia (TGA) as a food, BCP hemp oil is an easy to access, affordable, legal, food-grade natural remedy and a potential alternative to CBD oil in some cases (inflammation related pain and mood regulation). 


The sale of hemp food in Australia and New Zealand was legalised on 12 November 2017


by the Forum of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

Gazetted six months earlier on 28 April 2017, the FSANZ legalised sale of hemp seed as a food after a report by the Swinburne University of Technology concluded consumption of low THC hemp food would not affect random drug testing protocols in Australia and New Zealand.

100% Beta-Carophyllene BCP Hemp Oils
Supports Immune System

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50% Hemp Seed Oil
Support For Pain & Inflammation

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Improves Motivation & Energy

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“…Because of past motorbike accidents I suffer chronic knee issues. I don’t have very good mobility and it’s hard for me to answer the front door without adequate prior notice from a visitor, just so it gives me the time to get up and get to the door before they arrive. After a couple of weeks on 100% BCP hemp oil, I was answering the door without any assistance or people needing to give me notice they were coming…”
Mark, Northlakes

“…my 10 year old has autism and suffers seizures nearly every half hour without treatment from pharmaceutical drugs. Since trying your product, she now has the seizures every 3-4 hours. It’s not a cure but it has improved her quality of life as she can now do more things independently and not have to worry about seizures as often.”
Chantelle, Caboolture

“ 13 year old stepsons mood swings have improved noticeably since trying the 100% BCP Hemp oil. He has ADHD and associated disorders and we’ve already noticed how much he has calmed down and responds to us compared to before.”
Kai, Narangba

“…It’s really helped my anxiety…I study full-time and work part-time and I like it’s a natural product that’s affordable and really works! My friends kept using mine so we visit Caboolture markets for our regular top ups now…”
Rachael, Caboolture


What is BCP oil?

beta-caryophyllene (BCP) is a terpene isolate found in everyday garden varieties like black pepper, basil, cloves and rosemary along with less common plants like hemp sativa and copaiba.  BCP has a distinctive peppery scent that gives black pepper and cloves their unmistakable aroma.

What are terpenes, we hear you asking?

Terpene isolates are organic compounds that naturally occur in plants and insects. Some people may be familiar with the correlation between terpenes and cannabinoids and how at a cellular level they uniquely bind with one’s CB2 receptors (BCP oil) and CB1 receptors (CBD oil).

These organic compounds give a flower, herb or fruit its own unique scent and flavour.  Some terpenes heavily feature in plant-based remedies offering anti-inflammation, pain relief, mood regulation and immunity boosting benefits.

BCP oil dosage info

BCP Oral

Orally: Start with 2 drops under the tongue morning and night for 3 days.  Increase dose by 2 drops every 3 days if required (10 max per dose).

Avoid swallowing for 90 seconds to maximise absorption via bloodstream.

Do not stop taking prescribed medication unless advised by your doctor.

BCP with Hemp Seed 

Topically: Apply 5-10 drops topically to the affected area when needed.


Is BCP oil legal in Australia?

Yes, BCP oil is 100% legal to purchase and consume.  It is classified (aka scheduled) as a terpene by the therapeutic goods administration (TGA).

 Below is an extract of the official scheduling of the product by the TGA:

 “A submission raised the issue of Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP) being a cannabinoid from their perspective and hence affecting the scheduling of this substance. Research by the secretariat has confirmed that Beta-Caryophyllene is a terpene that is a selective agonist of cannabinoid receptor type-2 (CB2) and for the purposes of this scheduling entry, the delegate does not define BCP as a cannabinoid.”


Does BCP oil have any side effects?

BCP products do not have any known side effects unless exceeding the recommended dosage.  If you are unsure how BCP oil may affect you, we recommend speaking to your GP before trying.

Is it possible to ‘get high' or ‘stoned’ from your BCP oil?

As previously mentioned, our BCP Oil products are completely safe and free of THC, so you will not experience a high when using our products.  We apologise if this disappoints some people 😉

Can you use BCP oil on pets?

Cannology BCP oil products are designed for human consumption, however you may choose to administer BCP oil to your pets at your own discretion.

What are the benefits of BCP oil

Our personal experiences with Cannamax Plus BCP hemp oil started in Jan 2020 and by Feb 2020, we were telling anyone who would listen how fast it worked via our market stall at Caboolture Country markets.

 Within minutes of application, it helped Maria’s inflammation pain from three (3) neck spurs and the residual inflammation related pain of having beat breast cancer in 2017.  It was also very good in improving her sleeping patterns and mood, especially in the morning. 

 As for Craig, the Cannamax Plus BCP hemp oil helped with a range of anxiety, depression and pain challenges.  Since playing club cricket in the 90’s and surviving three (3) motorcycle accidents (incidentally, none his fault) he’s been plagued with injuries related to shoulders, back, knees and ankles.  The pain relief improvements proved better when Craig applied his drops orally whereas Maria found topical application combined with oral ingestion resonated more quickly for her daily challenges. 

 Along with our diverse customer base, we both like that BCP oil is food grade strength (as scheduled by the Therapeutic Goods Administration aka TGA), its THC free, you can take orally or topically and once you’ve had your drops you can drive, work or relax.  It’s entirely up to your daily schedule.

 Results vary from person to person.  Most of our customers use BCP oil to treat inflammation (especially Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Bursitis), anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia.  Safe for those subject to regular drug screening for work.

Where are your BCP products made?

Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP) oil – Made in Oregon, USA
Hemp seed oil and other terpenes – Made in Northern NSW, Australia
Packaging – Made in China

All Cannology BCP oil products are hand blended, bottled, packaged and distributed from Southwest Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Where can I purchase your BCP oil?

You can purchase BCP oil products from our online store (delivery or pick up options available) or you can visit us at one of our pop-up locations in Southeast Queensland.  Check Facebook  for our most up to date locations.

Will BCP oil show up in a drug test?

Our BCP oil products contain zero levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and will not show up in a drug test.  THC is the principle psychoactive component of the Cannabis plant that is detected by drug testing.

Is BCP oil safe to consume?

Yes, Cannology BCP products have been certified food grade, organic and non GMO by country of manufacture (USA).

Does BCP oil clash with other medication?

BCP oil is not known to clash or interact with any other medication.  We recommend if you are unsure about using BCP oil with other medication to please speak to a GP regarding your personal situation.

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