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BCP Hemp oil’s relationship with Terpenes and Federal law

Let’s explore Beta-caryophyllene (BCP) hemp oil and its relationship with terpenes, terpenoids, trichomes, Hemp, Cannabaceae, Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, Marijuana, CBD oil and Australian and New Zealand federal legislation regarding hemp consumption. 

What is Beta-caryophyllene (BCP) hemp oil?

Beta-caryophyllene or BCP is an isolated terpene extracted from the hemp plant.  BCP directly binds with the body’s CB2 receptors helping mood regulation, inflammation and your immunity system.

Being 100% THC free, BCP hemp oil doesn’t have any psychoactive effects inherent with products containing THC.

When you refer to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website, on 31 May 2017, the TGA scheduled BCP as a terpene (aka food).  An extract of which is below:

“…Beta Caryophyllene is a terpene that is a selective agonist of cannabinoid receptor type-2 (CB2) … the delegate does not define BCP as a cannabinoid…”

Click to read TGA’s full scheduled decision

What are Terpenes and Terpenoids?

Organic, naturally occurring compounds produced by plants, terpenes determine how a plant smells.  Manufacturers isolate terpenes to create scents for everyday products like rosemary oil or lavender scented eye-masks to help you relax.

Terpenes play various roles for different plants :

  • Attract pollinators
  • Repel predators (insects or foraging animals)
  • Help a plant recover from damage
  • Be part of a plant’s immune system to keep infectious germs away

When these natural compounds are on the live plant, they are terpenes.  As a plant is dried and cured, the terpenes oxidise and become terpenoids.



What are Trichomes?

Terpenes are made in the trichomes of a plant.  Trichomes are the shiny, sticky, mushroom-shaped crystals that cover the leaves and buds (aka flowers) of a plant.


What is Hemp and when was it legalised in Australia and NZ?

Cannabis sativa, member of the Cannabaceae plant family is commonly known as hemp or industrial hemp, cultivated for its fibre or edible seeds.


On 28 April 2017, a forum comprising of federal ministers from Australia and New Zealand met.  The Forum of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is tasked with maintaining a strong food regulation system in Australia and New Zealand, using scientific evidence and expertise to protect the health and safety of consumers.   

FSANZ discussed a range of food regulation issues including the findings of their investigation into adopting hemp seeds as a food. 

An extract of which is below:

“…Referring to a report from the Swinburne University of Technology…outlined how consumption of food products with low THC …would not affect random drug testing protocols in Australia and New Zealand. 

… the forum supported the draft standard that allow low-THC hemp seeds to be sold as a food.  The standard will take effect six months after it has been gazetted…a range of NZ and State and Territory legislation currently prohibits the sale of low-THC hemp seeds as a food which will need to be amended…”

On 12 November 2017, the sale of hemp food was made legal in Australia and New Zealand by FSANZ.

What is Cannabaceae, Cannabis, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica?

Cannabaceae, Cannabis, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica

Cannabaceae is a family of flowering plants including 170 species grouped into 11 genera.

Cannabis is genera of Cannabaceae and recognised as having three species within its biological classification group:

  • Cannabis sativa (Hemp plant)
  • Cannabis indica (Marijuana plant)
  • Cannabis ruderalis (it’s hotly debated this is really a subspecies of sativa)

Whenever I chat to customers about the difference between hemp and marijuana plants, I ask our customers to consider the Citrus genera.

Oranges and lemons are different fruit, but we agree they’re Citrus.

Essentially, hemp and marijuana are different plants that are both Cannabis genera.

Final thoughts

When we started reselling BCP hemp oil for Cannology, I didn’t realise Hemp and Marijuana were two different plants.  I had no idea what trichomes were nor what genera meant – thank goodness for Google right? Lolz

As pink vine presents continue our journey towards newly accessible natural remedies and cutting-edge healing technologies, we aspire to share all that we learn and experience in our Pink Vine blog.

All we ask is that you share your newfound knowledge with someone who may value it as much as you and I.

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