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Why I started using BCP Hemp Oil

From the earliest age all I can remember is being into three things – Reptiles, Music and Sport.  It was sport that I connected with the most, I was a fanatical cricketer and I was also into athletics and footy.  From the age of 8 onwards all I did was play sport with a bit of music and reptile keeping thrown in for good measure.

As I got older I realised that I was actually pretty talented at both cricket and athletics.  All the way to the end of high school I was competing in representative teams and letting sport and training consume my daily life.  The cricket fanaticism continued up until I was 20 years old when I quit cricket but kept running and surfing.


Using BCP Hemp Oil to relieve pain

Given the amount of physical activities I was engaged in on a near daily basis, injuries occurred.

Even when injuries were not occurring, I had doctors and specialists warn in my early 20’s that by my mid 30’s I would likely have the body of someone in their mid 50’s.

Of course being young I laughed it off, but the doctors were right, by the time I hit about 36 or 37, I could feel certain parts of my body going south and physical activities started to be more of a struggle with pain and soreness.

To give you some perspective, over the years, I’ve badly torn my left Achilles tendon while competing in long distance running, torn my left hamstring twice, once playing cricket the other while running.

To add to the list of cricket injuries, I’ve badly torn my left quadricep and suffered lower back injuries that luckily escaped the surgeon’s knife but involved weeks of rehabilitation treatment with my physiotherapist.

More recently I’ve developed issues with my left shoulder and left knee as a likely result of heavy impacts from bowling.

But that’s not all folks.

I am also a motorcycle rider and have suffered several accidents that have aggravated my existing joint conditions and added new minor injuries including dislocated fingers and sprained ankles which continue to offer pain and stiffness.

By the time I was 40, I knew something had to change.  The medications I tried weren’t giving me the help or relief I needed, without unwanted side effects.  A natural solution was needed, enter Cannology.


How Cannamax Plus BCP Hemp Oil helped me…

I will be the first person to admit I was sceptical.  I would have usually dismissed this product as another hemp/essential oil gimmick had it not been for the success my partner experienced with treating her neck arthritis.  Best thing I did was give Cannamax Plus a go.

The first improvement I noticed was my left shoulder which was my bowling shoulder.  I didn’t have 100% mobility due to a lot of tendonitis and it was difficult lifting objects above my head.  After a couple of days on the Cannamax Plus I noticed my shoulder mobility improve and for the first time in 12 years I was able to lift my left arm above my shoulder without struggling.  Sure, I do still get a little bit of pain now and then but the difference is remarkable.


Hemp oil pink vine presents

I can now go running and work out regularly without fearing the joint pain and stiffness I would normally experience the next day, despite doing plenty of warmup and warm down stretches/exercises.  It would usually take at least 3 days to stop feeling stiff and sore after a 5km run.  Now, I have slight stiffness the day after and it goes away after a good stretch or a reformer Pilates class.

Trust me, when something as simple as going for a run is no longer enjoyable or even possible the question dawns on you, what will I have to give up next because my body’s falling apart?  Getting something as simple as my regular run back was truly the breath of fresh air I needed.

Not only has BCP hemp oil helped with my joint mobility it has also helped manage my stress levels.  I have previously been prescribed anti-depressants and whilst the BCP hemp oil is no cure or medication for PTSD or other related conditions, it truly has helped with my mood regulation and helped calm me in stressful situations where I would otherwise consider increasing my anti-depressant dosage.

The differences might be subtle but speaking from personal experience I know BCP hemp oil works and has helped improve mine and my partner’s quality of life.  A self-confessed skeptic, BCP hemp oil has convinced me that effective natural solutions are available and don’t cost the earth.

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